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N-Viro Fuel is a newly developed and patented biomass fuel that has physical and chemical characteristics similar to coal and is created from municipal biosolids and other organic wastes like manure and pulp and paper sludge. A major transformation is taking place in the coal industry and, more broadly, the global energy industry, as alternative, cleaner forms of energy take on increasing prominence. The one thing that remains constant despite the changes taking place is that coal will continue to be the cheapest and most abundant form of energy available in the U.S. for the near term.

MSU Power Plant

The N-Viro Fuel technology was recently tested on a full-scale basis at the Michigan State University coal-fired power plant. Two different fuels, one made from biosolids and the other from manure, were blended with eastern Ohio coal and burned in the power plant’s fluidized bed boiler. The blended fuels performed well compared to coal alone; air emissions were below regulatory limits, and the boiler performed normally.

Fuel Description

N-Viro Fuel is manufactured from a variety of organic wastes by blending the waste material with one or more mineral by-products and drying the mixture. The resulting product, N-Viro Fuel, is blended with coal or petroleum coke and burned as a coal substitute in coal-fired power plants. An important advantage of the waste biomass-derived fuel is the ammonia that is released from the wastes in the process. This ammonia is available to be used as a substitute for ammonia or urea for NOx removal.

Examples of organic waste used in the process of the present invention include, but are not limited to, dewatered sewage sludge filter cake, various animal manures, pulp and paper waste, shredded paper and cardboard, food waste, and other organic industrial waste.

Dr. Terry Logan, one of the developers of the N-Viro Fuel technology stated, “I am pleased that we were able to demonstrate the viability of our technology at a large coal-fired power plant and in collaboration with a major research institution. Under the leadership of Robert Ellerhorst, Director of Utilities at MSU, and manager of the T.B. Simon Power Plant, and with the University’s vision and commitment to development of green energy technology, we successfully tested N-Viro Fuel with municipal sewage sludge from the City of East Lansing, Michigan and separately with animal manure from the University’s agricultural research operations. MSU’s investment in resources to conduct the test is greatly appreciated.”http://nviro.com/fuel.html


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