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What to Do with Yard Waste?

N-Viro BioBlend patented technology is used to accelerate the composting of yard waste and other green waste materials. For years N-Viro has stressed the importance of true pasteurization in the treatment and successful recycling of organic and mineral waste streams. By retaining indigenous micro flora, traditional N-Viro Soilproducts have long-term stability, odor control and a soil-like microbial population and composition. This long-standing principle is the basis for N-Viro’s BioBlend process.

BioBlend Accelerated Compost

  • A process to convert green waste to topsoil in 30 days
  • A process and a product natural soil-like odor
  • A product with a high organic matter content
  • A product with a rich humus texture
  • A product with slow release nitrogen

Managers are looking for ways to decrease their overall costs to manage waste. With the limited space and rising monetary and environmental costs of landfills, other options need to be considered. A combination of waste streams may prove to be the most economical option. By introducing microbes and nutrients into the composting process, N-Viro BioBlend can reduce traditional yard waste composting times by 50 percent. The resultant product is a superior quality topsoil that has characteristics of both compost and N-Viro Soil and is ideal for either bulk or retail distribution. This combination of technologies allows N-Viro to offer public and private entities complete organic waste recycling programs.


In the BioBlend process, yard wastes are combined with mineral by-products and biosolids either before or after those elements are introduced into the traditional N-Viro Soil process. The N-Viro Soil process is a recognized “Exceptional Quality” technology.


During the composting stage, the indigenous micro flora present in the N-Viro Soil product utilize the nutrients to break down fresh yard waste into valuable humus. Simultaneously, extremely fine mineral surface area reactions provide odor control that meets socially acceptable levels and pH modification and/or reduction.

When finished, N-Viro BioBlend is composed of organic matter, plant nutrients, calcium carbonate and natural soil micro flora. Several facilities are utilizing this technology across the world. Contact N-Viro to find out the nearest location to where you live.


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